The strength of BOHIN lies in its teams! Whether in production, packaging, shipping, maintenance or in the sales, administrative and support functions, each person gives 100% and works hand in hand with all the teams to offer you quality products and the most satisfying customer experience possible!

At BOHIN, we place the individual at the heart of our concerns. As the keepers of historical know-how, some of our employees are the living memory of the company. We also encourage the interface between the various business lines, where the assignments are diversified. This proximity enables us to be highly responsive and flexible in our dealings with our customers.

Creativity and autonomy are also part of our leitmotiv, because at BOHIN, more than a job, work must be exciting!

Did you know? At BOHIN, women outnumber men, and there are as many women as men in positions of responsibility! Many of our employees have been with the company for more than 20 or even 30 years! But we promise not to break any records! Above all, we choose our employees on the basis of their talent and their state of mind!

In the photo in the centre with the sunflowers, here are all the employees who received a long-service award in 2021. They have all been in the company for more than 10 years... and some of them for more than 30 years!


Since January 2018, Audrey and Fabien have been at the head of BOHIN, this highly atypical Norman company. Husband and wife in private life, this duo is at the head of this great entrepreneurial adventure that is BOHIN.

A mum' manager full of energy! 

Hired in 2011 to set up the ambitious project to open the visit of the workshops, it was in 2015, during a discussion with the CEO of the time, that the idea of taking over the company was born.

Already the mother of Léopold since 2013, the births of Lazare in 2016 and Léandre in 2017 delayed this project, which came to life in 2018. Audrey became CEO of BOHIN, with Fabien at her side as financial and commercial head. Her ambition is to wake up this sleeping beauty! She is devoting all her energy into helping this unique French firm to grow. As a committed woman, Audrey pays a great deal of attention to gender equality and fights for an egalitarian society. Her ambition is to break down the cliché of individualistic, greedy bosses that is still all too prevalent in people's minds.  With her generous and sincere personality, Audrey is a proud working woman!