Solidarity and responsability

Artist sponsorship: Floryan Varennes

At the beginning of his career, Floryan Varennes contacted the company to present its contemporary artistic work, in which he emphasized BOHIN's needle in some of it. BOHIN's former sales director decided to support this young talent whom he strongly believed in. It was the beginning of a beautiful collaboration. Honesty and kindness could best describe the relationship between BOHIN and Floryan. His contemporary and committed approach seduced by its accuracy and the great care taken to all its creations. Floryan Varennes constructed his works with various materials such as pearls, (Meisenthal) glass, scarves, etc. He diverted objects to beautify them, question ourselves, and to teach you. BOHIN France is proud to support young artists like Floryan!

Artist sponsorship: Simone Pheulpin

The story begins with a love interest while reading an art magazine: is this a mineral, which material is this? And then, we find out that these are incredible textile sculptures in which BOHIN’s pins are omnipresent. Omnipresent but hidden. That’s in fact kilometers of fabrics, patience, dexterity and talent. Finally, it is the meeting with an authentic artist, simple and deeply passionate who has used for more than 30 years BOHIN’s pins because “they are the best.” It takes several kilos of pins a year for the artist to carry out his work! 

It didn’t take long for Audrey Régnier, BOHIN’s CEO, to decide she wants to officially accompany Simone Pheulpin in her fantastic achievements.

Last prize received: Award from the Loewe Foundation (2018 Craft Prize in London).

Artist sponsorship: Eymeric François

How not to be impressed by the talent of Eymeric François and his creations? 

The first time we discovered one of his dress made of pins, BOHIN’s team was captivated and that feeling got confirmed when we brought a dress onto a professional tradeshow: all the visitors gazed in admiration. And what about these incredible fashion shows with those dresses made of pins? 

For many years, a sincere relationship developed between Francois and BOHIN. A partnership was set up to support this generous and simple artist. More than a sponsoring, a real friendship binds BOHIN to Eymeric François. Today, BOHIN owns 3 dresses made of pins: 2 that we bring with us to special events, and 1 that stays in the museum.


For the occasion, BOHIN launched a large campaign to raise awareness of auto palpation through an iconic product: its "bracelet pelote" and a hashtag #onsepelote.

1/ Le "bracelet pelote" slap special edition :
BOHIN transforms one of its iconic product which suggest by its form and its name the Octobre Rose's main theme : the breast.
For Octobre Rose, this special edition of this bracelet will be stitched with a Murano glass head pin on top of its dome. For every Special Edition Bracelet sold, 1€ is refund to the operation partner: the Marie Curie Institute.

2/ The awareness campaign:
1 woman on 8 is concern by breast cancer in her life. Early detected, it can be heal in 9 case on 10.*

It exist a simple gesture to detect it: auto palpation.
BOHIN communicates with the hashtag #onsepelote and associate influencers in order to spread the best this message.  For a simple goal: sensitize to this easy gesture of prevention.

Boneca de Atauro

Dijanne used her BOHIN’s needles to carry out her creations and when she lent some of them, the other women were immediately struck by BOHIN’s needles’ high quality. Dijanne Cevaal shared amongst her colleagues the only small package she had on her. They carefully held onto THEIR own BOHIN needles. Unfortunately, there were not enough needles for everyone. Audrey Régnier, our CEO, decided to send them a big package of BOHIN products so that they can continue sewing their unique textile creations more easily. This beautiful story was made possible thanks to the passion of this amazing textile artist!