Sewing Machine

Discover our essential tools for sewing machine: BOHIN needles adapted to each fabric and quality bobbins. Ensure the longevity of your machine with our complete maintenance kit, including brushes, screwdrivers, and oil. Optimize your projects with the right accessories!

Whether you are an experienced seamstress or a novice, discover a wide selection of tools and accessories for your sewing machine. 

The 2 star accessories in the category: machine needles and sewing machine bobbins, the 2 essentials to start your sewing machine projects. 

BOHIN machine needles: universal, double, for jersey, leather, stretch, microtex... find a wide range of quality needles for all types of projects. 

For successful projects and serene sewing, remember to adapt your needle to your fabric. For "woven" fabrics, universal needles will be perfect, needle size 70 will be for very fine fabrics while needles of 100 and more will be for upholstery fabrics and very heavy fabrics. 

For "knit" fabrics like jersey or lycra, prefer needles specially designed to sew between the stitches with their special points. 

Jersey or super stretch needles will be perfect for these projects! Sewing bobbins: Metallic or plastic / flat or curved, make sure to identify the characteristics of your sewing machine bobbin before buying new ones! The more you use your machine, the more bobbins you will need. Having your small stock of bobbins allows you to change sewing projects more easily. A lasting machine is a maintained machine! 

For maintenance, remember to oil your sewing machine and clean it frequently. Our sewing machine cleaning kit contains brushes, screwdrivers, and oil for complete maintenance. It is recommended to clean every 10-20 hours of use approximately.