Sewing tutorial: create your own pouch

 Looking for a new sewing project?

 You're looking for an easy, simple sewing project but with a little technical skill (putting on a pleating strip)? Look no further! We've got the perfect project for you: creating your own pouch. This DIY (Do It Yourself) project is not only a great opportunity to stimulate your creativity, it will also give you a great deal of personal satisfaction.

 Using our downloadable sewing tutorial (in french), you can make a pouch 14-15 cm wide and 9-10 cm high. The dimensions are perfect for storing your small everyday items: keys, lipstick, business cards... or small sewing accessories, the possibilities are endless! If you prefer a smaller or larger pocket, you can simply change the print size percentage.

 Our PDF guide includes everything you need to get started:

 It provides detailed instructions for assembling your pouch. It includes advice on cutting and preparing the elements to be sewn, as well as instructions for assembling the pouch. You'll learn how to create the flap flounce with a 50cm x 5cm strip of fabric, and how to adapt the length of the fabric strip if you want a smaller or larger pouch.

For this project, we recommend lightweight fabrics such as cotton poplin, cotton gauze and double gauze, seersucker, etc. Choose fabrics weighing less than 140 g/m2. As this pouch doesn't require much fabric, it's the perfect opportunity to use up your fabrics scraps!

The pattern of the pouch is included.

Materials needed for this project :

- Fabrics

- Sewing machine and BOHIN 70 or 80 universal machine needles, depending on the fabric chosen

- Iron-on fabric (only if you want to stiffen the pouch)

- BOHIN snaps (for easy fitting, we recommend our finger snaps)

- A pair of BOHIN scissors that only cut fabric

- BOHIN marking pen

- BOHIN pins

By downloading the PDF, you'll have access to all the information you need to create your own unique, personalised pouch.

 So don't hesitate, download the PDF and get started on this creative adventure!

  And don't forget to share your creation on Instagram with the hashtag #madewithbohin.

 We can't wait to see your great cover!

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