Sewing tutorial: create a felt animal mask

Making felt animal masks is a fun, easy and educational activity for children. All you need to make them is felt, glue, elastic and a pattern. This tutorial in French is easy to follow, as felt is a simple material to handle.


These felt animal masks are perfect for any occasion! This activity is simple and easy to do with children and is accessible even to young children. In fact, this fun activity can be adapted to suit the age of the child. Here are some general guidelines on the appropriate ages for specific steps in the activity, as well as the skills developed in the company of an adult:

- From age 3: Children can start to manipulate felt and take part in simple activities such as gluing. This helps to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

- From age 5: Children can start using age-appropriate tools, such as safety scissors and textile water glue. They can cut out the felt according to the templates with the help of an adult. This reinforces their fine motor skills and confidence in their abilities.

- From age 7: Children can start to make the masks more independently, encouraging their creativity and sense of achievement.

LThe detailed shapes of these masks are available to download and are very easy to use. Each page represents a different animal:

- The panda with its round ears and black eyes, perfect for lovers of exotic animals.

- The bright orange fox, with its pointed ears and finely detailed face, ideal for those who love wild animals.

- The light brown doe, with pretty spots on her forehead and erect ears, for those who prefer gentle, peaceful animals.

- The dark brown bear, with a gentle, friendly expression, for those who like strong, protective animals.

To make this activity safe for children, choose a solvent-free glue, i.e. a water-based glue. BOHIN offers a textile glue suitable for felt, perfect for this activity. Important point: water-based glue takes longer to dry. For best results, remember to let the glue dry thoroughly once you've positioned the piece, without touching it until it's dry.

Here are the steps to follow to create these adorable masks:

- Print out the mask pattern of your choice.

- Cut out each pattern piece.

- Trace the pattern pieces onto the corresponding sheets of felt.

- Cut out each piece from the felt.

- Glue together the different parts of the mask.

(Once you have glued the pieces together, you can also sew them).

- Punch a hole in each side of the mask and attach a rubber band.

And you've got a mask that's ready to wear!

 So, are you ready to start making these adorable felt animal masks? Don't forget to share your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #madewithbohin. We can't wait to see your pretty masks! 😍